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  • Seneca Original 1.2 oz
    Seneca Original 1.2 oz
    Manufacturer:Lake Erie Tobacco
    Date Added:Thursday 22 September, 2016
    Seneca Longcut is a moist snuff produced in the USA by Lake Erie Tobacco Company in Killbuck, NY. Known for mainly making cigarettes, Seneca produces flavours like Wintergreen longcut, Mint longcut, Straight longcut, Cream longcut, Rum longcut, Soda longcut, Straight Longcut Citrus longcut, and Grape longcut. Seneca Snuff is very difficult to find in most places in the United States. So be sure to...
  • Durango 3 oz
    Durango 3 oz
    Manufacturer:National Tobacco
    Date Added:Monday 30 June, 2014
    Durango is a type of smokeless tobacco composed of long strands of whole or coarsely shredded tobacco leaves with an authentic tobacco taste.EU customers please note: this product ships from outside the EU.
  • Tube Rose Sweet 30g
    Tube Rose Sweet 30g
    Manufacturer:American Snuff Co.
    Date Added:Monday 30 June, 2014
    "Tube Rose is a most pleasurable snuff indeed. It has a sweet tone that isn't dominating. I's somewhat floral scent is very similar to Society Snuff. When sniffing Tube Rose you'll notice that it has a nice nicotine punch to it. It is a good quality snuff, but I do find that Society has a better floral scent flavor than Tube Rose."
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 featured)
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Result Pages: